With the current studies on economics and evolution of industries, the “future of work” predictions increasingly tell us about the types of brain functions we should develop for our human kind to survive in this economy.

The economical map of human development

Since we no longer talk about surviving in terms of basic needs being covered, mental health is becoming a topic more often discussed at all levels. But what is happening on an evolution basis?

Our most recent part of the brain, the neocortex, new connections are being made and the neuroplasiticity ( flexibility of forming new synapses) is allowing us to evolve this part of the brain which now sends more information to our limbic brain while our reptilian brain is still very much active although the historical function of this part of the brain is now fundamentally different.

The actual map of human brain development ( Maslow inverses into more cognition and less surviving)

What happens in most common mental health issues is that the cognitive perception of the world ( the neocortex ) is becoming overwhelmed by the quantity of information it records and as such, it sends a lot more various information to our limbic brain which is confused and deals with a lot of emotional burden. The way we typically react from here is to keep a pattern and stick with it because the reptilian brain is not able to properly insure survival if it has to multitask. As such, our brain shuts down the neocortex intake of new information and capacity to update the state we are in and keeps the brain in a state that copes with one problem at a time. We are now on a downward spiral of negative emotions until our reptilian brain is again activated by a more powerful trigger ( we keep on noticing things changing around us but only the very intense ones are able to awake us now) which resets the “priority list” and we can step out of the rollercoaster going downwards.

The Upwards spiral

With a world full of “experiences” ( Experience Economy shows how businesses are learning how to sell more by creating such new paradigms of consumption because they are no longer able to survive by selling commodities), our brains are overwhelmed. We are clearly evolved creatures from even 100 years ago. We are now able to distinguish between a larger spectrum of emotions. The other paradigm of the world today is the self-awareness trend and the lifestyle coaching and the travelling around the world on low cost to build up more emotional resilience towards ever changing environments. So we NEED to perceive more and translate that into our limbic brain without overwhelming it. So how can we deal with it better?

My recent research on mental health apps and tech has brought me to an interesting conclusion. Very few technologies are able to have a holistic perspective over our brain evolution and give a strategy on how to deal with all the areas of your life that produce a certain amount of insecurity or anxiety without causing further damage while you are recovering. As such, my mission is now to go one step further and try to map how we can quiet down the limbic system ( the emotional brain) while our reptilian brain is constantly updated with information that we are safe and it doesn’t need to shut down the neocortex ( who deals with complex problem solving) even if it’s too much information being runned in the same time in this part of the brain. Just like a computer, I want to see how our CPU ( the neocortex) can learn to visualize ( translation of a limbic system that interprets emotions) and use better our hardware ( reptilian brain used for powering our body). Optimizations like that are necessary as we are growing into the tech era and we look for AI and cloning and humanoid robots. We need to apply tech NLP on our brain to upgrade to current paradigms and maintain mental health.

Currently working on a personal project on a mental health app that can use as much sponsoring as it can achieve. Looking for investors in very early stage of something that would be better than Headspace in the near future. It’s main value proposition fundamentally different from current competition is “Holistic alchemic self help kit for mental health and personal growth”.

Experience and service designer passionate about psychology and behavioral change. Writing mostly on matters of the heart as a way to form user centric methods.