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We first learn relationships through the codependent nature of our bond to the caretakers. We need our parents to survive and we think that relationships with a romantic partner will also be as codependent as this. We would feel we don’t have air anymore without our partner and that’s exactly the kind of toxic relationship we want to avoid. That’s where the socks analogy comes in place.

For most people who feel sad and depressed, the first action they take is to get on anti-depressives and carry on with life as usual. But there is another way to go about this without involving drugs which only add up to bottling up emotions in the body: emotional healing therapies!

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The problem with death is that too often we connect it to a cemetery. And that is becoming especially important for religions like Christian Orthodox ones. But there’s a systemic root cause of why this is happening and we are not getting it solved for centuries because we can’t think straight when we’re grieving.

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Digitalization of recruitment going through the age of Applicant Tracking Systems is proving to leave a lot of “humans” out of the workforce. This article goes in-depth about a problem we already face in recruitment for some years and will be even more intensified by the millions of job seekers left in unemployment due to Corona and automation of processes using RPA ( robotic processing applications).

Even more so, personalization systems fail to actually include your name in the rejection letter! That stings!

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“Say you’re sorry like you really mean it!” If you’ve heard this and you felt ashamed and guilty for not really being “honest” enough for the person who asked you this, then you’ve probably been gaslighted and you don’t even know it!

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On Medium, writers like that are called indie writers because they are raw, honest, real, and connect deeply with their audience. But in real life, they are called outspoken uncomfortable activists. The rule of thumb is that the less someone agrees with your openly expressed thoughts, the more uncomfortable you become for them.

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Actually, the difference couldn’t be bigger but a lot of millennials confuse the terms because the media industry is bombing them with ads and content on self-care selling it as the value of self-compassion.

We sometimes use “self-care” as a proxy for “self-compassion.” But they’re actually different concepts. Self-compassion is regarding yourself compassionately. Self-care, by contrast, is treating yourself compassionately. The two terms sound interchangeable, but they contain a thinking versus doing distinction.

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Our feelings are valid! All of them! But sometimes we lose ourselves in the emotions of our partners and we allow them to become more important than our inner voice and needs. The way in which we allow the dynamic of our emotions to be prioritized in relationships with others makes us the more emotionally mature people in the room. Not that this was the goal, but let’s see what should be the goal in these intense moments.

Irina Damascan

Experience and service designer passionate about psychology and behavioral change. Writing mostly on matters of the heart as a way to form user centric methods.

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